Danni is tormented by Mistress Ava

Danni in Slime Torment

Welcome to a new area of  the House of Slime called Wammed ‘n’ Slammed.   This is where we have some fun shooting scenes that involve substances other than just white slime.  Our first film was appropriately enough called Wammed and Slammed and featured Scarlett and Jessica Fox in a full on femdom bitch fest.

Our second film Slime Torment (above) is as much House of Slime as it is Wammed & Slammed and features a tearful Danni held against her will by Mistress Ava who sensually and slowly torments her victim whilst making Danni perform sexual acts for her amusement.

The film opens with Danni bound to a cross and struggling to fend off Mistress Ava. Danni is then forced into the slime pit and then tormented with white goo as Mistress Ava instructs Danni to seduce, entertain and amuse her.

Please note that whilst the above images are censored the video available to buy is uncensored.

This film is available in SD (Standard Definition) and High Definition (HD)


Film size: 433mb 1440 x 1080 (12:27 mins)


Film size: 278mb 756 x 428 (12:27 mins)