House of Slime News
House of Slime News

Pleased to announce that the latest in our wammed ‘n’ slammed series Pegged Tigerr is now available starring Honey B as the lady with the crop and the sexy Tigerr Benson as her latest victim.

Honey starts by making Tigerr suck on a rubber cock and then covering her head in custard.  Tigerr’s tongue is then ‘pegged’ whilst all sorts of colourful concoctions are poured over her head and her panties are filled with custard and raw eggs.  Honey strips Tigerr and fucks her with the rubber cock before pouring one last lot of goo over the naked girl. Honey had a lot of fun shooting this scene.  Tigerr not so much.

For more details and pics just hit the link Pegged Tigerr

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Bob Kowalski


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