House of Slime FAQ’s

“I wish to download a messy movie”
Simply click on the film you wish to buy and you will be prompted to either fill in your account details or, if it is your first purchase with us, you will be asked to register a HoS account.

Registering with us is quick and easy with no payment required  (please note if you already have an account with Bound2bMessy you do not have to register again).
If you decide not to buy the content/film you have chosen or wish to change your order then remove the item from your shopping cart and click on the item you wish to purchase.

Please note that you will need to have Windows Media Player 9+ on your PC for the system to work.

“Are all my purchases held in my account?”
No. Download movies are transferred to the Hard Drive of your PC and then disappear from your account. If you do not download the movie within 48 hours of purchasing then the film will automatically disappear from your account. If your connection is interrupted during download you have the option to try again.

We strongly recommend that you store the movies on CD or other portable storage devices as we do not provide back up copies in the event of PC failure etc.

How big are the movies?
The downloadable videos are full screen with a minimum 640 x 480 size and near DVD quality productions

“I am a Mac user, is this system compatible?”
Yes it is fully compatible

Some AOL users may experience difficulties connecting with the download system

If you have any problems then please just Contact us

HoS Account Access

Billing Support

Contact for billing support